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What to Expect During Treatment

Our Anodyne Care Providers will conduct a clinical assessment of your condition to determine the best treatment protocol and therapy that should accompany the Anodyne treatment. They will ask you about your goals for therapy and work with you to achieve those goals. They will design a care plan that will include physical therapy interventions to help you with strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, endurance, etc. based on your personal goals.

The Anodyne Therapy sessions will typically be 30-45 minutes and most of our Anodyne Care Providers use the 8-Pad Professional System pictured opposite.

Most patients experience a soothing warmth during Anodyne treatment. However, some experience a tingling sensation or slight discomfort at first. This is a good sign that the blood flow is increasing to the area and should go away after a few treatments. However, if it is too uncomfortable, let your therapist know immediately so they can adjust your treatment protocol. Click here for more information on treatment.

Making the Most of Your Treatment

It is very important that you attend all of your scheduled therapy visits. For some conditions, the most important determining factor of a successful outcome is the frequency of treatment, so try not to skip treatments.

It is also important that you do all of the therapy exercises that are part of your care plan along with the Anodyne treatments. Your therapist will carefully design a care plan with your goals and needs in mind. If you do not follow the exercise plan, you may not achieve your personal goals. The therapy component is just as important as the Anodyne treatment for a successful outcome. Also, try to do the exercises your therapist teaches you on your “off” days. This will help you move even faster to your goals!

Obtaining a Home System for Ongoing Treatment

If you find during the first few weeks of your care plan that Anodyne Therapy has significantly helped your pain and/or circulation, call us at Rapid Healing (+61 (0)2 8011 4953) to order a home system so you can treat yourself at home more frequently. Then you can focus your clinical visits on the therapy exercises and reaching more challenging goals. A home system is especially important for you if you have a chronic condition causing your symptoms.

The Anodyne Therapy 4-Pad Home System uses exactly the same pads as those used in the professional system. The only difference is that it is pre-set at a safe setting to reduce the amount of warmth emitted from the pads and only has 4 therapy pads. Click Here for more product information. For convenience, you can purchase two home systems to treat multiple areas at the same time - ask us about this option.

Accessory Option: Your Home System may also come with a Soft Shoe which makes it easy to treat hard-to-reach areas. Contact us if you would also like a Soft Shoe or for more information about Anodyne's Home System.