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How often will patients need to go for treatment?

Chronic conditions: Typical protocols will require patients to be treated for 30 minutes a minimum of three times per week for approximately 8-12 weeks. Anodyne Therapy will be provided along with other skilled therapy interventions that are needed to improve function based on the patient’s assessment and personal goals.

Acute conditions: For severe pain, treatments can be given up to three times per day. Protocols may be of shorter duration and lower frequency in some cases.

The Care Plan: Should always be set by a therapist, physician or nurse based on a clinical assessment of the severity and duration of the patient’s condition. Longer standing conditions may require more frequent treatments and/or longer duration than 12 weeks.


What are the precautions and possible side-effects?

Anodyne Therapy should not be used directly over or near:

  • Active cancerous tumours

  • The womb during pregnancy

  • Topical heating agents such as Deep Heat, Capsaicin or Icy Hot. Completely remove these agents before applying Anodyne.

Anodyne Therapy has no known drug interactions or side-effects. However, there are a few precautions.

  • Anodyne Therapy is a photo-thermal modality, and thus, there is a slight risk of a superficial burn. When our recommended protocols are followed, the risk of a thermal event is extremely rare.

  • People with circulatory compromise: Sometimes there is a slight increase in tingling or burning initially as blood flow increases. This typically resolves within the first 4 weeks of regular treament.

  • People with diabetes: When increasing activity levels during therapy sessions, check blood sugars more regularly.

For more information, review the comprehensive Anodyne Treatment Guidelines.