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Is Anodyne Therapy available in my country?

Anodyne Therapy is being distributed in more than 45 countries and is avaliable worldwide. If you are not from Australia or New Zealand, please see the international distributors list (for America, use this provider locator). If there is not a distributor in your country, please contact us for additional information on how to obtain an Anodyne Therapy System.

How much does Anodyne Therapy cost?

In Australia, contact Rapid Healing for the latest pricing information (or review our orders pager here). If you do not have an Anodyne Therapy distributor in your country, please contact us for local pricing information.

Will Anodyne Therapy work in my country?

Yes, Anodyne Therapy Products are equipped with universal transformers and can be used between 100-240V.

What is Anodyne Therapy?

Anodyne Therapy is a global brand offering patients temporary relief for painful, circulatory conditions. Anodyne Therapy has been clinically documented to temporarily increase local circulation up to 3200%, compared to placebo (warmth) which only demonstrated a 40% increase in circulation. For more information on the benefits of using Anodyne Therapy, please visit What is Anodyne Therapy? Anodyne Therapy is cleared for use by the United States FDA, Health Canada, Australian TGA and other countries. In addition, Anodyne Therapy is ISO 13485 Certified and CE Marked - review Anodyne's full list of regulatory certificates.