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"I have used Anodyne Therapy on my feet - I have suffered from diabetes neuropathy for years - and can highly recommend this treatment. I have feeling back in my feet! (I had not known if my feet were on the ground). After about 12 Anodyne treatments I achieved a lot of relief. I highly recommend this great product."

C.D. Gerringong, NSW

"I have suffered from back pain for 28 years following major lumbar surgery so I am usually in a fair amount of pain if I play a game of golf and it usually takes me days to get over it. Not any more! After playing golf I put the Anodyne on for just 45 minutes and the next day my back pain symptoms return to normal. I have a similar problem with arthritis in my ankles after golf but after using Anodyne of an evening while I watch television, the next day I am back to normal!"

A.S. Sydney, NSW

"The pain and cramps from my peripheral neuropathy prevent me from getting a good nights sleep and prevent me from getting around much. My Anodyne Home System has been fantastic. There is nothing like a good night’s sleep and I am to do things again that I have not done comfortably for years."

P.M. Noosaville, Qld

"It is lovely to have warm feet and lower legs again in the winter."

D.B. Sydney, NSW

"Anodyne was astounding! Just one 45 minute Anodyne session on my back and the pain and stiffness was just not there the next morning."

R.S. Canberra, ACT

"I had Polio as an 18 month old child and am now in my 60's. Over the years I have had multiple interventions- surgical, therapeutic and prosthetic, and with aging, the long term affects of disability have taken their toll. Reduced muscle function and increased pain levels along with greater mechanical dysfunction, have impinged on my day to day wellbeing and activities of daily living.

I  started using the Anodyne Therapy System about 2 years ago, when I was experiencing a variety of pain issues, including muscle spasms, cramping and poor circulation, which affected my legs, arms, back and neck.  At that time I was also awaiting a total knee replacement, and had acute debilitating grinding pain. I was on a cocktail of prescribed heavy medication just to get through each day.

Initially during this time, I found the Anodyne Therapy was most helpful in reducing the muscular pain and the deep cold aching sensations in my legs especially.  The cold weather really affects my pain levels and I could feel the improved  energy  changes  along muscular pathways in my stronger leg, where I have better sensation awareness.

Following my surgery, I used the Anodyne Therapy in hospital and in the Rehab Ward until my discharge.  I continued using it throughout my recovery and Outpatient Rehab phase, and indeed ever since!

I obviously still need mild medication, and heat treatments in the worst of a cold winter, however I have found Anodyne Therapy to be a most essential and comforting component of my regular ongoing pain management regimen."

E.C. Canberra, ACT