"The Anodyne Therapy has improved the quality of my life beyond description. I can’t thank your group enough."
C.C. Pomona, KS

"I am very enthused with my Anodyne Therapy… It has greatly improved my life and sleep…"
L. F. (St. Louis MO)
"Within three months the pain in my feet began to diminish… today it is gone."
D. O. (Weston, CT)

"I am a physician and I realize this is not a cure, but because of my pain relief, Anodyne has enabled me to go to the grocery store, out to eat and to my doctor’s appointment again. I feel very fortunate."
J. M., MD (Kingsport, TN)

"I have to tell you my story about how the Anodyne Home System has helped my condition. I am a senior and I couldn't stand the bedcovers on my feet. I would cry at night because it hurt so much. I was walking with a cane and couldn't drive. I tried everything from pain medications to magnets, and still I couldn't sleep through the night. I had to stop using some of the medications because of the side-effects. Using Anodyne has been a miracle to me. The pain is gone and I am sleeping through the night again. I am no longer using a cane to walk and I have started driving again! I feel like I have my life back. Last month, I even went on a cruise! I feel so blessed to have found Anodyne Therapy, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has chronic pain that is affecting their quality of life."

R.B. (Seminole, FL)

Referring Physician

"During my 27 years in practice, I have cared for thousands of patients suffering from painful, microvascular problems caused by chronic conditions such as diabetes. When Anodyne Therapy is utilized as part of a comprehensive plan of care, I have seen significant improvements in my patients’ level of comfort and their quality of life. Anodyne Therapy is the first treatment I have found that treats not just the symptoms, but also one of the underlying causes of the pain – poor microvascular blood flow. Anodyne Therapy has become a welcome adjunct to my therapeutic arsenal."

Neil J. Goldberg, MD, Diabetologist – Associate Professor of Medicine, UCLA

Outpatient Rehab

"With Part B Fee caps and managed care limiting the amount of revenue we can bill per patient, we knew we had to increase patient referral volume in order to thrive. After seeing the business and clinical results in our own patients, we decided to make a purchase. In a profession where results matter, we couldn’t afford not to have the Anodyne Therapy System available for our patients."

Shayne Ferguson, PT, MHS, PhD, GCS, CWS (Louisville, KY)

Home Care

"We tried Anodyne Therapy because we wanted to differentiate ourselves while improving outcomes. The results – Anodyne benefited many of our patients, especially those with ambulation problems due to painful, circulatory conditions. After seeing the clinical results in our own patients, we decided to purchase 76 Anodyne Systems throughout our agencies."

Judy Bishop, CEO (Texas Home Health - Silsbee, TX)

U.S. Military

Anodyne Therapy is used by the U.S. Military, including the Navy SEALS, Walter Reed Army Hospital and numerous other military hospitals for treating painful injuries in order to ensure expedient return to duty.

Anodyne being used in physical therapy department,
Navy SEAL Team 5, Coronado, San Diego, CA

Professional and University Sports Teams

Many professional American sports teams use Anodyne and numerous American universities use and teach Anodyne Therapy in their physical therapy modalities classes.

Professional Sports Teams

University Athletic Departments

  • Atlanta Braves

  • Baltimore Ravens

  • Chicago White Sox

  • Cleveland Browns

  • Colorado Avalanche

  • Colorado Rockies

  • Detroit Red Wings

  • Kansas City Chiefs

  • Kansas City Royals

  • Milwaukee Admirals

  • Seattle Seahawks

  • Tennessee Titans

  • Toronto Blue Jays

  • Central Missouri State Mules
  • Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders

  • Oklahoma Sooners

  • Oklahoma State Cowboys

  • Pittsburgh State Gorillas

  • Texas Longhorns

  • Washburn University Ichabods

  • Washington University Bears

Still want more patient proof?  You can find plenty more testimonials on the Canadian Anodyne Therapy website here, in written audio and video format!