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Become an Anodyne Care Provider

When your patients are in pain and nothing is giving them relief of their symptoms, physical therapy along with Anodyne Therapy may provide symptomatic relief.

Why Anodyne Therapy?

Choosing the right infrared light therapy device for your practice is important. There are many considerations, but one of the most important is understanding what you want the device to do for your practice and your patients. There is a reason Anodyne Therapy is the market leader in light therapy.

With an installed base of over 25,000 USA customers alone, Anodyne has earned the trust of patients, therapists and physicians worldwide. Consider these facts:

  • Over 5,400 US care providers offer Anodyne Therapy including many hospitals and teaching institutions.

  • Over 10,000 US physicians prescribe Anodyne Therapy.

  • Anodyne is the only infrared light therapy device with 12+ studies published in peer-reviewed journals documenting the efficacy of product design, wavelength, photo-energy output and patented photo energy flexible array application process.

  • We offer both clinical and marketing support.

  • Our marketing program to support YOU is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Anodyne Patient Assistance Program – In 2011 Rapid Healing intends to introduce a financial assistance program for Anodyne Home Systems for your patients in need.

If you would like to compare infrared light therapy devices, ask us for our Competitive Comparison Tool to assist you in better understanding light therapy and making the right decision for your therapy facility or agency.

Learn more about how Anodyne compares to competitive systems.

Anodyne Care Provider Benefits

With purchase of your first Anodyne Therapy Professional System, you will receive the Step Up Implementation Package - the most comprehensive program to help you “Step Up” your clinical and marketing results.

Clinical Support

  • Comprehensive Clinical Implementation Guide and Tools

  • Access to protocols that work – and a product that offers the ultimate in flexibility, so that you can treat any painful body area with ease, hands-free!

  • A comprehensive educational package including printed training materials and post-test.

Marketing Support

  • Step Up Marketing System – with proven techniques to market your program

  • Starter pack of Patient brochures and patient information leaflets

  • Introductory letters for referring physicians

  • Web and phone-based patient referral program

  • National advertising, PR and sales support by Rapid Healing drives patients to you

  • The Rapid Healing team dedicated to helping you market your program.

Contact Rapid Healing today to find out if being an Anodyne Care Provider is right for your patients and your practice.