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When your patients are in pain and nothing is providing relief from their symptoms, physical therapy along with Anodyne Therapy may provide symptomatic relief.

Anodyne Therapy Professional - Model 480 System

  • The market leader in photo energy devices

  • The only photo energy systems with published data in peer-reviewed journals (10+ studies on over 4500 subjects)

  • Clinical protocols tested in over 15 years of professional use

  • Over 5,400 Anodyne Care Provider clinical sites in the USA alone with over 10,000 prescribing physicians

  • Clinical and marketing support for professional users


  • Fully adjustable energy output up to 780 mw per therapy array

  • Wavelength - 890 nm

  • 60 superluminous infrared diodes per therapy array

  • Pulsed energy - 292 times per sec

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Durable carrying case

  • 2 year warranty

Learn more about how Anodyne compares to competitive systems.

Download the Anodyne Therapy Professional System Brochure for people with Peripherial Neuropathy.

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Model 480 - For Professional Use