Is Anodyne Therapy for me?

Anodyne Therapy is registered as a medical device by the Australian TGA, and is registered by the United States FDA for temporarily increasing circulation and reducing pain, stiffness and muscle spasm. Therefore, any condition that would benefit from these indications may benefit from the effects of this infrared therapy device.

Review some of the research.

Anodyne may be used safely over:

  • ANY part of the body including the spine

  • Metal implants, pins, screws

  • Pacemakers and defibrillators

Anodyne has made a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of patients just like you. Read what they say.

Which Anodyne product is for me?

Anodyne Therapy Home

Model 120 - 4 Pad System

  • Designed for individual patient or nursing use

  • Lightweight and compact for use in the home or nursing home. Take it anywhere – home, holidays, travelling...

  • Allows patients with chronic conditions to obtain the benefits of daily use of the system ... in the comfort of their own home and at a time that suits them

Anodyne Therapy Professional

Model 480 - 8 Pad System

  • Designed for use by Health Care Professionals

  • Adjustable power output to allow flexibility in treatment of a wide range of conditions

  • 8 Therapy Pads provides for the simultaneous treatment of both feet in peripheral neuropathy patients thereby reducing total treatment time for each patient to 40 minutes

  • Lightweight and mobile for easy transport to and setup in multiple clinic sites