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Anodyne Therapy, LLC is a privately held company formed in 2001 as the sole manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Anodyne Therapy Systems. The company is based in Tampa, Florida and has approximately 100 employees.

The Anodyne Therapy System was invented in 1992 and used for veterinary use until 1994 when it was cleared by the FDA and patented. In 2003, a second patent was issued and in 2006, both patents and  trademarks were successfully defended.

Anodyne Therapy is used by the U.S. Military including the Navy SEALS, Walter Reed Army Hospital and numerous other military hospitals for treating painful injuries in order to ensure expedient return to duty. In addition, many professional sports teams use Anodyne Therapy and numerous universities use and teach Anodyne Therapy in their physical therapy modalities classes.

Anodyne Therapy/MIRE™ has been mentioned in practice guidelines as well as many educational articles about conditions that benefit from pain and circulation improvement.

Rapid Healing was formed in 2008 to market and distribute Anodyne products in Australia. After initial market research and local product testing Rapid Healing began public marketing in 2010.

The Manufacturer:

Anodyne Therapy, LLC

14103 McCormick Drive

Tampa, FL 33626 USA

Phone: 800-521-6664 or +1-813-342-4432

FAX: 800-835-4581 or +1-813-342-4417