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What Is Anodyne Therapy?

The word Anodyne comes from Latin and means without (ano) pain (dynus). Anodyne Therapy is a patented form of Monochromatic near-InfraRed Photo-Thermal Energy (MIRE). Anodyne Therapy is a physical medicine modality used to temporarily improve circulation and reduce pain, stiffness and muscle spam anywhere the pads are placed on the body.


means there is only one wavelength of light (890 nanometres) emitted from 60 super-luminous light emitting diodes or LEDs in each therapy pad. The therapy pads are in direct skin contact and flexible so they can easily shape to the body. These features help the light to penetrate more deeply into the tissue.

Infrared (IR) is the description of a light wavelength at 890 nm. It is invisible to the human eye so you will not see it, even when the pads are on. Because Anodyne only uses infrared LEDs, it can penetrate up to 5 cm into the body.


describes the action of Anodyne Therapy’s LEDs that emit photo-energy and some heat. This combination may be what makes Anodyne Therapy so effective. Circulation increases can be seen wherever you place the therapy pads.

Circulation after 20 minutes treatment with Anodyne.

The images to the left highlight degrees of circulation in feet using a diagnostic instrument called a Scanning Laser Doppler. The first image is a baseline, prior to any treatments.

In the bottom photo the foot on the right was treated with a placebo heat treatment and showed only a 40% increase in circulation.

In the bottom photo the foot on the left was treated with Anodyne Therapy and showed a 400% increase in circulation.

It is not heat alone that produces an increase in circulation.

Pain Relief

Nitric Oxide is the body’s most powerful vasodilator and also is known to be responsible for the pain relieving aspect of some pain medications, such as morphine. Nitric Oxide is released during treatment with Anodyne Therapy.

Physical Medicine Modality

Anodyne Therapy is used as part of a physical or occupational therapy plan of care.

Anodyne treatments are used during therapy sessions to make it more comfortable for patients to tolerate other types of therapy for improving strength, flexibility, balance, function, etc.