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Proven By Research

With twelve studies involving over 4,500 patients published in peer-reviewed journals, Anodyne Infrared Photo Therapy can offer hope to people with pain, stiffness, muscle spasms and circulation problems. Review the research >

Recommended By Physicians

Across the USA over 10,000 physicians, diabetes educators, case managers and nurses recommend Anodyne Therapy by name, so you can feel confident that Anodyne Infrared Therapy is safe and effective. Refer patients for treatment >

Trusted by Patients

Millions of patient treatments are delivered each year in the USA by over 5,400 Anodyne Therapy Care Provider facilities including hospitals, teaching institutions, outpatient rehabilitation centres, home care agencies and nursing homes. After a successful course of treatment over 20,000 patients have received Home Systems. No wonder patients trust Anodyne Therapy. Hear what they have to say >